How To Inspire A Love Of Learning For Your Preschooler, PART 2

How To Inspire A Love Of Learning For Your Preschooler, PART 2

Preschooler playing with rainbow counting bears activity set, putting bears in their matching silicone, muffin cups.

A love of learning is something that most of us really want to see our kids develop and grow into, wouldn't you say?

Imagine the possibilities they would have and the journeys they would discover if they have a love of learning new things! Oh, the experience and opportunities that would come their way if they embraced learning with passion and vigor! 

One way to inspire a love of learning with your preschooler, is something that might surprise you.

It is actually something to do AND something not to do. Okay, let me explain! I am talking about inserting yourself into their play. What? Yes, you read that right. Think about a balance between involving yourself in their play and allowing them space to play on their own.

What does this do, you ask?

A child needs room to breath, room to explore freely, room to make their own decisions about their play. Independent play is a crucial part of early childhood development. In fact, they play on their own before they learn to play with others! But, on the other hand, connections with their caregivers, family, siblings, etc. is also super duper important. Collaborative play is also essential for early childhood development. So, if there is a balance between these two scenarios, something magical happens. It's called "a love of learning"! They learn that they are loved unconditionally with the strong bonds that are formed with their caring family AND they learn that they can make decisions for themselves and be creative, and learn through trial and error with independent play!

No magic number.

There is no magic numbers of hours or any need to document how much time you spend engaging or not engaging in play with your learner. There is YOUR sense of judgement. You know your child and you know what is best. Observe, observe, observe. When you are not sure if you should insert yourself in their play, or not, just observe. Watch how they play and enjoy watching them learn. You will know when to jump on in! You got this!

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Did you notice?

Did you notice this was part 2 of our Love Of Learning Series? If you didn't see part 1, you can catch it here...

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or need any suggestions on how to balance independent play and playing with your child!


Love n Blessings, Bonnie

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