How To Inspire A Love Of Learning For Your Preschooler, Part 3

How To Inspire A Love Of Learning For Your Preschooler, Part 3

Child exploring outside having fun!

We will not sugar coat this, ALLOW PLAY TO BE FUN AND INTERESTING! 

Do you learn better when you are bored OR having fun? Did you say "having fun?" Guess what, so do kids! Now, there is certainly a benefit to being bored! We are not saying for your child to never be "bored." Creativity is certainly born out of boredom! But on the other hand, play can be fun and interesting to be beneficial! 


Fun is certainly subjective, so when trying to figure out what your child is interested in, just watch them play. You may start to see a pattern. You may start to see some new skills develop; you may start to hear new vocabulary or stories from your young learner. These are all clues as to what they might be interested in and would have have fun playing with! What did you observe today about your child and his/her playing?


Interesting does not need to mean complicated, expensive, or time-consuming! Interesting could be looking for bugs under rocks outside, or doing a simple science experiment, like learning about what toys sink or float! Interesting is just another way of saying that it needs to be different, something out of the norm, something they haven't seen or done in a while! What will you do with your child that is "interesting" today?


We would love for you to take action!

If you struggle with coming up with learning ideas for play, for your preschooler, we've got you COVERED! 

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Observe your child today and think of something different/interesting to introduce to your child today during play! Let us know in the comments what you observe and what you introduce! We are curious and want to have fun, learn, and grow with you! 


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Love n Blessings, Bonnie

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