Rainbow Counting Bears for color sorting and math practice

The Stupid Fish Toy Shoppe: A Heartfelt Story of a Mother and Kids

Rainbow Counting Bears for color sorting and math practice


Hi, my name is Bonnie. My handsome husband and I have been married for 23+ years and we have 4 wonderful kids. We have homeschooled our kids for the past 11 years. The older three have graduated high school and I am currently homeschooling our youngest, who is 13, at the time I am that I have written this blog. I am the owner of the educational, online, toy store called The Stupid Fish.  My passion is teaching kids, and that is why I opened up a hands-on learning store for them! We have all sorts of learning activities from math games, to art supplies, to toys for spelling and toys for building fun for kids!

The Stupid Fish

"The Stupid Fish?" , you ask? Rightfully so! We are inspired by the popular quote, "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." -Unknown (some people think it was said by Einstein, but we could not find exact proof.) Well, this can be up for interpretation, but what we take away from this, is that we all learn in different ways. We want to celebrate all learning styles! We do not want any child to feel stupid just because he/she learns in a different way. We know that hands-on learning is a very common way for young learners to absorb and retain information. So, we want to have lots of focus on kinesthetic learning!

Perfect Place

The Stupid Fish is the perfect place to find the top toys for your preschooler or kindergartener that are fun and educational. We celebrate all kinds of learners, so we have something for everyone! Whether your child has an active imagination or enjoys learning with their hands, we've got just the right toys for them! And if you're looking to spend more time with your kids but can't seem to find the time, our products will help make it easier than ever before.

Give Us A Try

You won't believe how much fun they'll have playing with these amazing toys! Our goal is to help parents enjoy more quality time with their children by providing engaging playtime options that are also easy on parents' wallets. We are happy to be budget-friendly without skimping on quality! We have toys to promote math skills, spelling skills, spatial awareness, and more! We want to help your young learner to have fun, learn, and grow!



We are looking forward to growing along with your child! We hope you find some great toys and hands-on learning activities for your children! And we want to make sure that they stay active and engaged in learning throughout their childhood. Our VIP newsletter is a weekly email with the latest updates from The Stupid Fish. We have lots of freebies and deals that we want to share with you. You'll find fun ways to spend more time with your kids while teaching them something new each day!

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P.S. If you want to know more about learning styles, click here: The Four Learning Styles You Should Know and Why.

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